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Common Types Of Rodents Invading A Home

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Did you know that rodents get into more than 21 million homes in the US every winter? According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), almost one-third of Americans have faced a rodent problem in their house. During fall and winter, the weather cools and different types of rodents invade homes in search for food and shelter. These are the times when rodent invasion is on an all-time high but they also pose problems all through the year. Most homeowners report rodent sightings in the kitchen, basement and sometimes the living room. Some of these rodents include:

House Mice

They’re the most common types of mice that invade homes across the US. They prefer to hide in dark and secluded areas such as the basement or attic. These rodents are good at climbing and jumping and they’re flexible fitting in small holes in the house. They lead to serious property damage in the house by chewing through your furniture, insulation, drywall and wiring sometimes. They also pose severe health threats to people as they contaminate food and spread diseases like salmonella.

Deer Mice

These are found in different regions in the United States. They love nesting in rural areas. You will find them in tree hollows, fence posts, log pipes and in wooden structures such as cabins, sheds, and barns. Deer mice are dangerous as they’re known to spread hantavirus. Its spread through particles and dust and causes blood, kidney, and respiratory problems.

Roof Rats

They originated in Southeast Asia but are now so common in the US southern regions and coastal states. They are adept to climbing and running so fast. They live in colonies and love nesting in elevated areas such as trees or roof. Roof rats love running across wires and they carry fleas and transmit diseases such as trichinosis and typhus.

Norway Rats

The Norway rat is common in the US and is known to nest anywhere it can find available food sources. They love burrowing under concrete slabs and into garbage piles. They mostly invade homes during fall and nest in crawlspaces and basements when they get into the house. The rat causes serious property damage and gnaw lead pipes, plastic, and wooden furniture. They also spread diseases like cowpox and jaundice. They also carry mice and fleas in the home and leave small pellet sized droppings all over the house.

These are some of the most common types of rodents found throughout the United States. If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, deal with the problem as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible. Start by knowing the kind of rodent problem you have and get the experts to handle the infestation as fast as possible.

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