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Flea Tick Control for your Home and Yard

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Fleas and ticks are unwanted pests that can make anyone cringe. These are not just a nuisance but can transmit a number of diseases, some of which are quite serious such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Equine Encephalitis, and others. Many people also develop allergies after being bitten by them.

If you notice flea and tick on your animals or elsewhere on your property, getting rid of them should be your top priority. Unfortunately, these pests are quite common, and they are happy to make your home and yard their home. They can make life miserable, but the good news is that there are many effective ways to eliminate them from your home and yard.

Why Flea and Tick Control is Important?

Both fleas and ticks are insects with flat bodies and feed on blood. They usually latch on to pets, pests, and even humans as they form a good food source for them. They also multiply quite fast, making them extremely difficult to get rid of without proper treatment. Most people do not even realize they have an infestation till it has spread. Thus, hiring a pest control company with experienced and trained technicians such as Sure Shot Pest Management who have the expertise to recognize flea and tick problems in your home and yard is important.

How Do Professionals Help Get Rid of Fleas & Ticks?

When you hire a pest control company, you can expect excellent results. Here’s a rundown on the process the professionals follow to help you get rid of flea and tick from your home and yard:

Thorough Inspection

As a pest control company, when hired, we send in trained and experienced technicians to perform a thorough inspection, evaluating the entire property for any signs of flea or tick activity and identifying where they are coming from and the reasons they are attracted to your yard. We are also often able to identify the presence of other pests around the home that might be serving as hosts for them, like rodents.

Start the Treatment

Once the inspection is completed, the treatment for fleas and ticks starts. Depending on the severity of the infestation, the treatment will include backpack sprayers, power sprayers, liquid residential products, and others. We may also use a customized mix of aerosols, granular products, and others while focusing on the exteriors of the home and the yard. All these will help eliminate the ticks and fleas so you can reclaim your home.

Follow Up Treatments

After the primary treatment, follow-up treatments are scheduled to keep your home and yard flea and tick-free. We can build a customized treatment plan around your schedule and monitor your home and property to ensure you have a safe and flea and tick-free space for years to come.

The Bottom Line

Going up against fleas and ticks may seem overwhelming, but the right pest control company can help make the process easier. As an experienced extermination company, Sure Shot uses a combination approach that not just helps get rid of fleas and ticks but also prevents future infestations and offer a valuable partner in your defense against pests and guard your family and your pets against these problematic pests.

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