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Here are answer your frequently asked questions.

Are the products you use safe?

Yes, Sure Shot uses products that are labeled for home and business use. All of our technicians are thoroughly trained on the products and how to safely use them. Sure Shot Pest Management is also regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Structural Pest Control Service to ensure all products and methods are safe.

Why should I choose Sure Shot?

Sure Shot Pest Management employs highly-trained technicians, is state licensed and fully insured, and offers more than 18 years of experience. We are clean, reliable, and professional and offer free pest control quotes. For termites, we offer an annual renewable warranty. Sure Shot is family-owned and operated and has an A+ rating with the BBB.

How do I know if I have termites?

Termites live in underground colonies and create tunnels through the soil into a structure. Because of this, a termite infestation may go undetected for some time. However, some of the warning signs include winged insects called “swarmers” in and around your home, mud tubes from the ground, or damage to wood or other cellulose materials.

Will plug-in type repellers like Riddex get rid of my bugs?

No! In fact, the FTC has been against this company and others like it. The best way to defend against pests is to contact a reputable pest management company like Sure Shot Pest Management.

Will rain wash away my regular pest management treatments?

Certain treatment applications such as under eaves and windows allow effective protection from the products. Some granular products are even helped by the rain because moisture helps release the active ingredients.