Get Rid of Bees in Abilene TX

At Sure Shot we specialize in removing honey bees from places where our customers do not want them and keeping bees from reentering areas that were previously occupied by other bees.

remove bees safely with experienced pest controlAfter a beehive has been removed it is necessary to properly treat the odors left by the hive, as well as remove the honey and comb. If the hive odors are not properly masked, bees will return to former hive locations, and establish a new hive. If the honeycomb, and hive remnants are not properly treated and removed, it can cause mold, mildew, and attract other insects and rodents.

How do I keep bees out?

It’s nearly impossible to keep bees away without destroying their main hive. If you have a garden, worker bees will always be savaging for pollen.

How do you eliminate bees safely?

Sure Shots technicians are professionally trained and have a number of products at their disposal to rid your property of the bee colony and in many cases the ability to remove the beehive from your property. Sure Shot will come out and provide you with a free inspection and is prepared to start and complete the job the same day.